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Basic safety training

Sea survival techniques (in abandon-ship situation) for standard safety training This course was carried out in accordance with the Business Delivering (Training an …

12 responses to “Basic safety training”

  1. peterfren says:

    kelangan po b pag kumuha ng seamans book eh marunung lumangoy,,hindi po kc
    ako marunung lumangoy,,,,my mga bumabagsak po ba za pagkuha ng seamans

  2. jaeberpatZ says:

    ang baba naman nyan,,,mganda ung sa LIMA batangas mataas tlga,,

  3. Tricia Sarinas says:

    peterfren’s question is that the applicant for seaman’s book should know
    how to swim? and is it possible to failed it?

  4. markeddison says:

    @peterfren can u translate it to english my friend?

  5. kenneth sending says:


  6. ryan lapus says:

    di na kaylangn na marunong lumangy… passport at Nac ng solas lng at ung
    P800 na bayad.. days lng un.

  7. markeddison says:

    @MrRahim529 ni buat kt pelita maslaut sibu

  8. Peter Mark says:

    safety training is critical

  9. Abd Rahim says:

    ni buat kt mane ni ?

  10. Mohd Fadil Yunos says:

    should don lifejacket before jumping – why trow away L/jacket before
    jumping, what happen if the sea is rough??????

  11. cugom25 says:

    anong mnths or araw ang schedule s training mag kuha nang solas

  12. rachel fernandez says:

    ,pano poh yan? wla ng life jacket pano naman ung d marunong lumangoy?

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