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How to Seek Employment in Alberta’s Lucrative Petroleum and Construction Job Market

One of the most frequent questions I am asked as a Safety Consultant is:
“How can I get Employment in  Alberta’s lucrative job market” ?
Alberta’s booming economy offers great prospects for career opportunities,
particularly in the Petroleum and Construction trades in the next years.
With the highest economic growth of all the provinces, there are 275,000 direct and
indirect  oil and gas jobs to be filled.
When I talk to employers who book safety courses for their staff and contractors they are looking to hire:
a) Tradespeople, such as Carpenters, Heavy Equipment Operators, Mechanics,
     Truck drivers, Electricians,  Instrumentation technologists,  scaffolders, construction laborers. READ MORE

Confined Space Online

Historically, many workers have crawled into vessels, tanks and sewers to unclog a drain or to troubleshoot a maintenance issue. Subsequently, they died from the hazards in a confined space without analyzing in advance the dangers present. Due to the lack of analysis, journalists tended to call it “death from heart attack or suicide”. In fact, the reason for death was due to a severe atmospheric or physical hazard within a confined space. READ MORE

Benefits of a Safety Management Program

Safety management programs are created to minimize health risks and injuries at a workplace In workplace operations, this process is designed by identifying the hazards, assessing and controlling risks.


Instilling a safety culture at every level of an organization has many benefits. It can quickly inform management of where their company stands from a health, safety or environmental point of view at any given time. This improves the bottom line for management, as their liability levels from losses may drop once the multitude of risks are controlled properly. READ MORE

A Good Pair Of Safety Goggles Will Protect Your Eyes

If you work at a job where your eyes will be at risk in any way at all, than it is important that you wear a good pair of safety goggles at all times. Safety goggles can help prevent your eyes from the risk of injury or infection. Today, there are many different types of jobs out there where wearing safety goggles is necessary. Perhaps you work in a wood shop, where sawdust and other like particles are constantly floating around in the air. These particles have the ability to cause serious infection, so using a pair of quality safety goggles is a way to avoid this.


Work Safety Lowdown

Employers have a lot on their plates when it comes to the day-to-day management of a business. As such, one area that may get easily overlooked is keeping up with health and safety issues that pose a problem in the office. Here are a few examples of what be overlooked in your workplace—and what the potential implications are for your health and safety if they continue to be ignored:

1)    Accident books and notification of at-work incidents.

Any company that employs more than ten people is required by law to keep an accident book, and in certain cases, to notify the HSE when accidents or injuries occur in the workplace. Examples of accidents that must be reported to the HSE include major