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Dental Emergency First Aid Kit

This easy dental emergency kit has nearly all you have to deal with the most common dental ailments in the area; toothache, broken teeth, missing fillings, an …

When carrying out CPR, the initial step is to obtain essential details with a visual assessment, such as whether the person is breathing. Discover h.
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13 responses to “Dental Emergency First Aid Kit”

  1. bob18robert says:

    Get a cheap pocket CPR face shield (unless you want to carry mask, it’s up
    to you)

  2. smellslike1974 says:

    See this is more what I am talking about. If people are looking up videos
    to perform CPR,they wont have all the medical supplies. You should
    seriously make your own videos.

  3. smellslike1974 says:

    doesnt anyone have legit direction for civilians?not everyone is gonna have
    these medical devices.

  4. mahditkd says:

    @MechaKameleon correct

  5. ldeering83 says:


  6. MechaKameleon says:

    I’m assuming if the patient suddenly wakes up, you don’t need to continue,

  7. muneer ahmed says:

    its .. very goood,,,,

  8. CI321 says:

    haha, im starting my EMT classes in the fall, will think about making my
    own vids!

  9. CI321 says:

    @smellslike1974 instead of the BVM just use your mouth. & the AED if theres
    not one in the area just continue chest compressions untill EMS or fire, 30
    commpressions to 2 breaths, or 15 commpressions to 2 breths 2 man CPR i am
    CPR certified

  10. Zac Lofton says:

    Don’t use the entire bag!

  11. abtazz12 says:

    LOL captions on this vid contradict so much the CPR purposes…

  12. socal frijolito says:

    @MechaKameleon Compressions stop once the patient wakes, if the patient has
    inadequate breathing you perform assisted ventilation’s to increase him
    minute volume. 12 breaths for adults and 20 for child or infant. If the
    patient is breathing adequately and has no musculoskeletal injuries lay him
    on his side to drain any fluids from the mouth. Hope this helps.

  13. Jacky Quirky says:

    that’s very useful….thanks

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