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Fire Extinguishment Safety Program

Due to the chemical ,electrical and machinery hazards at many jobsites, they have the potential to have a flammable or explosive environment. Employers should ensure that their personnel know how to prevent fires  as part of a due diligence measure.  If personnel have the potential to use the fire extinguishers, they must receive training in how to operate one properly.   A preliminary lecture  by a  local expert  explores the site-specific fire prevention requirements that pertain to the audience.  . A movie is presented, featuring the various types of fires & extinguishment methods. At that point, an experienced  fire-fighter leads the group  to a special facility where a diesel pan is lit, under his careful guidance. All participants operate the fire extinguishers . This provides them with hands on experience in extinguishment.  A wrap up lecture summarizing the experience is concluded    The program takes from  1 1/2 – 2 1/2 hours  depending on class size. .  Minimum group size is  required to run class. Price per person is dependent on group size.



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