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H2S Alive has been changed to H2S Alive Edition 7.4

H2S Alive, which is accredited through Enform, has a new Edition 7.4.

This is a summary of the new course and how to get the new certification.  Allstar Enviro Safety is an authorized training institute for this program.

Allstar Enviro Safety presents H2S Alive Edition 7.4

This new H2S Alive course has some similarities to the previous Edition 6, in that it still consists of:

  • H2S Properties, Scales, Points of Release and Health hazards
  • Respiratory Protective Equipment (SCBA and SABA)
  • Detection of H2S
  • Rescue Techniques and the 7-step Initial Response Strategy

However, major changes were made to modernize the program and prepare new workers entering the oil and gas, transportation, and construction trades.

New additions include

  • Hazard Assessment and Control. Severity and Probability, Risk Determination, and Control Application Using Elimination and Substitution, Engineering, Administrative Controls, and Personal Protective Equipment will be emphasized.
  • While the previous program had case studies, the new scenarios for a variety of sites in the petroleum industry will teach students how to identify risks and respond to emergencies that could affect people, materials, equipment, and the environment.
  • CPR has been removed from the program. Since workers should have first aid and CPR to be employed in these industries, this removes any repetition in training and allows more time for other skills practice.
  • The instructor demonstrates detector tubes but emphasizes the use of personal, portable, and fixed monitors less in the new edition.

This popular website has featured H2S Alive and many other classroom-based safety seminars. It also offers online and blended online programs.

About Arliss T.E. Levine, CRSP CHSC BA

Arliss is a certified external health and safety auditor and trainer in Alberta.

By Arliss Levine

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