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Online Blended First Aid

One of the greatest fears an person might face is the possibility of a first aid or medical emergency.


It is surprising that most people are unprepared for an injury or health emergency, even though statistically it is likely that everyone will face some sort of medical situation in their lifetime.


We are all busy, and may lack time to take a first aid class, and often put it off until we have suffered from a sudden trauma. Other times that people enroll in first aid classes is when they are expecting a baby, have a toddler getting into the chemicals at home or have older parents with medical conditions.


Don’t wait for an emergency to confront yourself before you enroll. If it is a problem with taking off work to attend a course, we have a new and original idea to fit your schedule ! It is the online blended first aid course. In about 6.5 hours, a person could complete the theory portion online without having to leave the comfort of their living room. They can stop the program and take a break and return to it when it is convenient. Print off the completion report to prove that the theory has been passed. Book in advance with the Blended first aid instructor and set up a day for physical skills. You can meet in a classroom to complete your physical training, such as CPR, choking, Haines recovery position, slinging, splinting, bandaging and more. Lots of simulated wounds and fun exercises are conducted to stimulate your creativity and help remember the essential first aid skills.


This 13 hour standard first aid course has wonderful graphics and scenarios which motivate the learner to learn the basics of first aid. Excellent medical and injury examples are provided and first aid skills and signs and symptoms are taught for a variety of situations. Emergency Medical Aid Act, Medical Legal liability, Signs and symptoms of heart disease and risk factors, musculoskeletal injuries, chest injuries, eye injuries, poisons, shock, emergency medical system and 9-1-1, primary and secondary surveys are examples of core content.


This unique program has been approved by the Alberta Government for workplace safety. Employers like it because their workers only have to miss one day at work . Employees love it since the combination of learning styles make for a memorable experience. It also applies to people that don’t need workplace skills but find it to be a useful life skill, such as babysitters, and caregivers.


Enroll today at and be certified through Global training and IPSR