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PPE: An Introduction – Safety Training Video Preview – Safetycare Personal Protective Equipment


PPE: An Introduction - Safety Training Video Preview - Safetycare Personal Protective Equipment

Not all office risks can be totally managed or removed. When risks in the work environment can not be ‘crafted out’, or when guards, shields and …


You and Office Safety! is the most amusing video on Office Safety you will watch! Made in the 1950s, this movie is ideal as an attractive ice-breaker wh …
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25 responses to “PPE: An Introduction – Safety Training Video Preview – Safetycare Personal Protective Equipment”

  1. Karen Bussell says:

    This office is one of the most accident prone I’ve ever seen, really funny.

  2. Eileen Rivera says:

    Writing a script on building safety training and using this retro video as
    inspiration ;)

  3. MJ Clark says:

    Humpday humor. I guess now we know why people are tripping all over
    everything in Madmen–apparently tripping was the number one source of
    reduced office productivity (and car crash sound effects) in the 1950s!

  4. Michael Koppenol says:

    I hate to remind you of it but tomorrow is yet again a day of working.
    However, we all know that accidents happen when you least expect it. So,
    grab a cup of mild warm coffee, sit back and learn from other people how
    you (YES YOU!!!!) can make your company more efficient.

  5. Jan Petter says:


    Ah, so it’s womens fault accidents happen 17 times out of 19..

  6. Tizaro says:

    Although the fashions have long-gone, and some of the behaviours in the
    workplace have changed, this program still addresses the following topics
    which are just as relevant today as when You & Office Safety was made:
    •Slips, Trips and Falls
    •Manual Handling
    •Electrical Hazards
    •Fire Safety
    •Correct use of Office Furniture
    •Being Responsible for your Actions
    Funny Office Safety Training Retro Video! Hilarious!! ‘You and Office
    Safety’ – Safetycare free prev

  7. Robert Tornello says:


  8. Office Test says:

    Hilarious 1950’s video for Safety at work! We may have changed how we
    explain it, but many #healthandsafety problems remain the same.
    Can you think of present H&S assessments that were not done in that time?
    An example: DSE’s

  9. Funny says:


  10. Office Plus Solutions & Supply says:

    #TBT Hilarious video on office safety training. 

  11. Frank Erwin says:


  12. arqam banishamaseh says:

    funny hhhhhhhhhhhhh

  13. ltldog2 says:

    Is that Shatner doing the voiceover????

  14. 56BUICKRiviera says:

    That one guy was in the Shawshank redemption

  15. dennyboy40 says:

    How does anyone get any work done around there?

  16. emilye1987 says:

    I did learn lots about filing cabinets, they’re not like doors apparently

  17. DemonicMuffinMan says:

    ROFLMAO THIS IS HILARIOUS nice sound effects lol

  18. Henry Jones Jnr. says:

    “…or a red umbrella” Has to be red, remember. Those blue ones are much

  19. Giustizia Ai Tutti says:

    This is a match to CARRY ON!

  20. Flubber Flops says:

    This seems old and corny but the basic lessons like paying attention to
    signs and reporting hazardous objects are still applicable to today’s
    office settings.

  21. Biodeamon says:

    why am i reminded of cave jhonson era aperture science?

  22. Sarah Shannon says:

    These are some of the most unfortunate people I’ve ever seen…

  23. David Firestone says:

    Do these people work at Sight Gag Inc?

  24. thatn00bmustdie says:

    This is some final destination stuff right here….

  25. BohepansTheThird says:

    You’ve never been to a ninja office building? There’s nothing -but- booby
    traps. Keeps the wrong people from getting in. But even for them, safety is
    very important and should not be ignored! Remember: A safe ninja is an
    efficient ninja! And lord knows we still need stealth assassins on the

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