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Aboriginal Awareness Online Training

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safety mom online courseIn a multicultural society, we are working and living with a variety of   Ethnic groups. Indigenous people are an active part of the workforce represent a key portion of the Canadian cultural mosaic. By taking this Online program, you will learn about the differences in the norms, race,religion and language of the aboriginal people as well as appreciating their commonalities with our society. An appreciation  of our diversity will help build bridges towards working together.



People that wish to gain an insight into aboriginal culture will learn about the rich history of the aboriginals and challenges in todays society. Employers who hire and negotiate with aboriginal parties will benefit by learning about their values and develop a respectful and courteous working relationship as a result of exposure to the first nations society.



  • The definition of Culture
  • The Impact of culture
  • Adaptation to culture
  • Cultural elements
  • Norms, values, symbols and artifacts
  • Cultural development
  • Becoming culturally aware
  • Self-awareness
  • Breakdown in communication
  • Prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination
  • Same culture, different behaviour
  • Who are the aboriginal people in Canada?
  • The First Nations, Inuit and Metis
  • The Indian Act
  • Status and Non-Status Indian
  • Numbered Treaties and the Treaty Indians
  • Early life for the Aboriginals
  • Historical aboriginal groups
  • European explorers and their arrival in Canada
  • The Canadian Fur Trade
  • Aboriginal people and the impacts on them
  • The Royal Proclamation
  • Battle of Seven Oaks
  • Doctrine of assimilation
  • The British North American Act
  • Residential Schools in Canada
  • Current History
  • Applying what you have learned


COST:  $34.95


2 hours approximately


Online testing will reinforce the knowledge you have learned in this presentation. An 80% pass mark is necessary to achieve a certificate of completion. You have two chances to repeat the program to achieve a pass mark. Once this has been obtained, you can download and print out the completion certificate


What is Aboriginal awareness?

This Aboriginal Awareness online course is approximately 90 minutes in length. It explains the concept of indigineous culture, and highlights the foundation of the Canada’s Aboriginal people, values, their concerns and their unique history. Testing is undertaken throughout the program.