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BC Safe Driving Online Course

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safety mom online courseThe BC Safe Driving Course is a comprehensive defensive driving course designed to teach responsible driving practices and to help drivers of all experience levels become better drivers. The course covers the rules of the road and the obligations of drivers.


The course material was developed in consultation with police officers, driving instructors, traffic engineers, psychologists, professional drivers, and driving lawyers. The material is particularly designed to dismantle the attitudes poor drivers use to justify their driving behaviour.


Exam questions are interspersed within the modules to ensure that the participant is attentive to the course material. The exam has a minimum of 50 questions which are different for each student. The passing grade is 70%. The course is conducted online. It takes approximately 3 hours to complete. Canada Online Training Corporation maintains stringent procedures to ensure compliance with the course rules.


Participants who achieve a passing grade receive a Certificate of Completion.


safety mom transportation courseCourse modules cover the following topics:

  • Components of Your Vehicle
  • Attitude
  • Hazards
  • Activities of Attentive Driving
  • Observation
  • Signalling
  • Basic Traffic Rules
  • Traveling Near Other Vehicles
  • Traffic Lights
  • Traffic Safety Laws
  • Distracted Driving
  • Driving Conditions
  • Steering
  • Parking
  • Emergencies
  • Skidding
  • Brakes Malfunction
  • Accelerator Malfunction
  • Sudden Tire Deflation
  • Headlights Burn Out
  • Vehicle on Fire
  • Dropping off Pavement
  • Collisions


The course has three main purposes: 

  • To assist in the rehabilitation and re-education of drivers who have demonstrated unsafe driving habits. Drivers who regularly commit motor vehicle infractions pose a significant risk to public safety. The structure of the course material is designed to change the damaging attitudes by identifying them and demonstrating the faulty thinking that is typically used to justify bad driving behaviour. Attitudes of defensive drivers are explained to provide the participant a deeper understanding of the need to change their driving behaviour.
  • To assist novice drivers or those lacking confidence to have a better understanding of the rules of the road, their vehicle and their role as a driver. Examples in the course material cover typical driving situations as well as extreme and emergency scenarios.
  • To ensure employees are aware of their obligations as drivers. As an employer it is of utmost importance that employees who drive for the purpose of business and in company vehicles have a full understanding of the rules of the road, the need to drive in a safe, law-abiding manner, and the importance of courteous driving.


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