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Aerial Lifts and Scissor Lifts Online

There was a time, not long ago, when any worker could hop in an aerial lift platform and figure out how to drive it on their own. The consequences were significant, as the likelihood of causing accidents to the public and property as well as to the driver were extreme without a proper background in lift platform mechanics.


Fortunately, employers now are more aware of their due diligence to train and frequently review the safe operation of aerial and scissor lifts. Although the classroom is the appropriate place to test a workers actual driving skills, a good means to review materials and obtain theory is with our aerial lift and scissor lift online course.


Aerial lift platforms are a wonderful tool to do work at height, since these machines can lift materials, tools and materials from 20 to 100 feet! This causes a significant increase in production efficiency and saves time transferring equipment by hand. The online course will help the worker become familiar with various forms of aerial lifts, the know how to safety set them up and operate them and learn common hazards associate with their operation.


Learn the different types of lifts, the importance of conducting a thorough pre-shift inspection before putting the lift into service and the 6 most common hazards associated with operating them. It examines the aerial lift stability and explains the machines capacity.


Testing is Conducted throughout to reinforce the material. In about 90 minutes, an operator can learn this program and download a certificate of completion after obtaining the passing grade.


Aerial Lifts and Scissor Lifts Online Course is available at Allstar Enviro Safety.