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Allstar Enviro Safety is offering the Ground Disturbance program, Level 1 and 2.

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For immediate release on February 25 2016
Contact: Arliss T E Levine, CRSP, CHSC,BA, NEBOSH IOGC, COR Auditor
Company; Allstar Enviro Safety
Contact: 403-214-1558
239 – 4999 – 43 St SE, Calgary, Ab T2B 3N4
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Headline: Allstar Enviro Safety is offering the Ground Disturbance program, Level 1 and 2.
Allstar Enviro Safety is pleased to announce that their lead Safety Consultant, Arliss T.E. Levine, is celebrating her 7th year as a Ground Disturbance celebrating her 7th year as a 3rd party provider for Ground Disturbance courses.
Allstar has delivered the the Global Training Centre oriented Ground Disturbance as a classroom . Arliss has been delivering as a third party provider in the classroom based format to an enthusiastic crowd, such as line locators, project managers, heavy equipment operators and safety advisor’s. Recently, they are also offering these programs on their elearning format.
There are many reasons that this course has grown in popularity. Many of the construction companies require new workers who are applying for employment to have these programs as a pre requisite to application at the job. The Pipeline Act and Rules and part 32 of the Alberta Labor Code – Tunneling and Excavation requires certified training for supervisors.
Ground disturbance is one of the riskiest activities a construction company can perform. A single underground utility line accident has the catastrophic potential to cost millions of dollars in terms of property damage. In addition to the obvious potential for injury and death, other costs are loss of contracts, work opportunity losses, disruption of community services, ecological damage to air, soil and groundwater and the liability and insurance costs. Employers must conduct a hazard assessment and ensure that ground disturbances are controlled in a hierarchy, such as elimination of the hazard, engineering and administrative controls, as well as personal protective gear supplied.
There is about 27 million miles (43.2 million kilometres) of pipe, cable, and wire in the underground infrastructure in Canada and the United States. The term “underground facilities” refers to the buried pipelines and cables that transport: steam, water, sewer, fibre optics, cable tv and communications as well as the controversial petroleum, gasoline and natural gas. Due to the ongoing arguments about licensing pipelines throughout North America, it is essential that companies do their due diligence when conducting these activities involving underground facility digs.
Training is an important component of conducting ground disturbances, especially when mechanical digs could strike underground facilities. Excavations include,: Boring, Holes, Ditching ,Dredging ,Augering ,Tunneling,Driving, Survey Pins,Digging ,Installing ,Sign Poles and Scraping. Excavators need an education about legal requirements when hand exposure is required, as well as safe work conditions, good excavation practices, relevant municipal and Provincial laws, and One-call procedures Special procedures must be in place for concrete embedded facilities and those under permafrost.
There are many reasons why contact is made with facilities. Sometimes, One-call and line locators fail to identify the line or the non members of One Call are not contacted to ensure due diligence . Communication may be poor between the team and subcontractors and procedures may be improper or not in place at all. Project managers may fail to interpret the clearance requirements correctly Failure to properly secure the exposed underground facility Markings may be covered with snow or get knocked down and missed. Miscommunication can also take place when reading the Crossing Agreement.
Allstar Enviro Safety offers a variety of training formats:
Their Ground Disturbance 1 meets the 101 Standard for ABCGA and is a shorter awareness program. Workers who are certified with this training standard need to work with a supervisor certified in the Level 201 or Ground Disturbance 11 level. For this awareness course, it can be done in a Classroom format in a few hours and receive a 3 year certificate in a Wall plaque format. This is certified by Global Training Centre.
There is also an e learning tool that covers this Ground Disturbance 1 program, and is a convenient way to do the program without having to travel to a classroom.Course content of the online versions includes an embedded video, interactive learning exercises, competency quiz questions,coverage of all provincial legislation across Canada. This can be obtained through our elearning portals, which are listed below.

Ground Disturbance Supervisor Training Combo Online

Ground Disturbance Level 1 – 101 Standard or Level 2- 201 Standard Classroom based program

Ground Disturbance 2 is the 201 Standard which companies must obtain to meet the ABCGA common ground alliance standard for Supervisors.
Traditionally, this has been offered in a 6.5 hour plus course in a classroom. The Pipeline Act, Rules and part 32 AOHS plus Crossing agreements are added to this seminar. There is a 3 year certification from Global Training after successful completion.

Ground Disturbance II

Alternatively, Allstar is now offering the 201 Standard by elearning through Astec Safety, which was one of the first online formats accepted by the ABCGA committee. See the links below for this very convenient format. A webcamera and security measures are added to make this a certified program at the supervisory level.
Group training can be done at your facility. Please contact us to discuss classroom setup and site specific needs for your group.
Arliss T.E. Levine, CRSP, CHSC, BA, NEBOSH IOGC and COR Auditor has a background in industrial rescue training and teaches both Confined Space Basics, Rescue and OSSA Confined Space.
Confined Space Entrant Monitor is a six hour plus theory program with powerpoint and workbook. It certifies the candidate for 3 years by ABCS for both Monitoring and Entrant capabilities.
Our Organization: Allstar Enviro Safety has been providing classroom based and e learning training, consulting and safety program development to Alberta companies for several decades. Their lead Safety Consultant, Arliss T E Levine, CRSP, CHSC, BA, NEBOSH IOGC is also a COR Auditor. Allstar Enviro Safety is pleased to offer over 100 online programs that offer downloadable and printable certificates on safety and environmental topics