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Emergency Medical First Aid Kits – EPMK Product Demo & Training Video by Chinook

Direct Links: Level 1—Level-1-%28Emergency-Preparedness-Med-Kit%29- Level 2 http://www.chinookme …
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4 responses to “Emergency Medical First Aid Kits – EPMK Product Demo & Training Video by Chinook”

  1. jacket says:

    All the gear no idea. You would only use this knee method to control
    bleeding as a last ditch attempt. If the casualty is unconscious or in too
    much pain to help you control the bleeding. Just because you are dealing
    with what seems to you just an open wound, there could be internal injuries
    such as fractures. Placing your knee on a persons leg could hyper extend
    the joints and cause ligament and muscle damage. Get the casualty to help
    them selves and you. And don’t slip on the pools of blood.

  2. MsRotorwings says:

    The SWAT T “must be applied above the knee or elbow.? I could see doing
    this if one has a high tib/fib or proximal forearm injury, so as to not
    place the tourniquet on a joint. But why cut off blood supply any more
    proximal to the injury than neccessary? Thanks for the video.

  3. derektiller says:

    What do I use if dude’s leg at 6:10 gave me snow blindness?

  4. Chinook Medical says:

    Move into the sun…red heads are powerless in the light. His legs can’t
    hurt you there.

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