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Ground Disturbance Level 1/11

Ground Disturbance Level 1:

A shorter awareness program designed to inform workers about hazards and safety while digging around underground facilities. This program was created for personnel working under the direct guidance of a Level 11 Supervisor who are in charge of a labour pool. Personnel will learn about hazard recognition, when to stop work and when further assessment of potential dangers of a dig may be required. The definition of a ground disturbance and an underground facility is explained, why and when common hits occur and what a Code of Practice covers. Distances involved in the search and work area, minimum sources for searching an underground facility, the use of work permits and what to discuss in a pre-job meeting are discussed.


This awareness course has no exam. A wall plaque noting that the participant has successfully completed this program is awarded. This course is assessed to the Ground Disturbance Standard of ABCGA 101.


Ground Disturbance Level 11:

This One day program is assessed to the ABCGA 201 Ground Disturbance Standard and is recognized by Industry Regulators. If you are supervising or independently performing a ground disturbance, issuing or receiving ground disturbance permits, this is the appropriate certification required in Alberta. Levell 11 personnel will learn the NEW amendments to the Pipeline Act, Pipeline Rules and Regulations and Part 32 of Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations.]


Participants will learn the six steps of a Ground Disturbance from the Pre-planning stage to the Actual Dig, Highlights include Emergency Response plans, plot plan/site drawings, line locating information, types of exposures, and notification to the facility owner and receiving notification from the licensee.


A written competency exam is provided, along with books and regulations. A temporary certificate is awarded after successful completion of the program, followed by a 3 year certificate card from Global Training Centre.