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Important Facts about H2S Gas

Hydrogen sulphide gas is a current hazard in the Oil and Gas Industry. It is also prevalent in sewers, landfills, barges, pig farms, muskegs, mines and pulp and paper mills

Alberta is one of the most dangerous places in the world for H2S. Other areas where H2S is common include Europe, the Middle East and also any areas where volcanic activity may produce H2S.

This gas is a colorless chemical that is difficult to pick up with your own senses. Vapor density is heavier than air, but it can rise when mixed with a lighter than air gas stream. It will flow with the other products when agitated, depressurized or heated, and eventually settle into low spots. Be particularly careful in confined spaces and non ventilated areas such as pits, trenches, under the substructure, berms and basements.

We feature the 7th edition of the Enform certified course.  5 sections include  Physical properties, scales and probable locations, Hazard assessment and scenarios, Respiratory protective equipment including SCBA or SABA, Gas monitoring and sampling and Rescues.  You can learn more about the hazards of H2S gas at