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Certified Health & Safety Consultant Canadian Red Cross Canadian Society of Safety Engineering

Medical & Dental Offices

Red Cross oriented. One year certification on stand alone CPR. Up to 3 years under the First Aid umbrella.


CPR Level A : Adult Oriented includes Heart Disease Risk Factors, AED, and choking skills for lay people.


$45 + 2.25 = $47.25 


CPR Level C: 2 rescuer CPR Skills – Adult infant and child and above & AED. Up to one day. For workplace teams.


$65 plus $3.25 tax = $68.25 each


CPR HCP – Healthcare Providers – 1 and 2 rescuer CPR skills, adult, child, infant. Bag valve mask. AED. Dentists, Dental Hygensists, physicians, nurses and advanced health care workers as defined by their associations. 6 hours. 4 hours for recertification through the Red Cross.


$65 + $3.25 tax = $68.25 each. 


Standard First Aid
Canadian Red Cross Oriented includes AED and CPR Level A (other levels on request)
2 day program. Includes Emergency First Aid content with Moving and Transportation, Slings, Splints, Poisons, Environmental injuries and more. Physical skills and lecture format. 3year ticket awarded. Recommended for people driving 40+ surface time for commercial purposes or entering well sites, plus work related requirements.


$150.00 + $7.50 tax = $157.50 each (Group rates may be available)


A one day recertification may be available after 3 years.


Emergency First Aid 
Canadian Red Cross Oriented. Includes CPR Level A (other levels on request) 1 day program.AED , Choking skills, wound management and bandaging, medical conditions, burns, primary and secondary survey and shock. Emergency Action Principles , Emergency Medical Aid Act and First Aid Regulations covered. Open book exam. Certificate card awarded with 3 year expiry. Physical skills and lecture format.
Recommended minimum standard program for work related to gas plants, pipeline and Refineries.


$110.00 + $ 5.50 tax = $115.50 each


A shorter recertification program may be available after 3 years.


Workplace Hazardous Material Information System
, Occupational Health and Safety oriented program covers Chemical Hazard Regulation, training, classification, supplier and workplace labelling, Occupational Exposure limits, chemical routes of entry, material safety data sheets (MSDS). Open book exam. Bring in your list of chemicals and MSDS for a more site specific training program. Lecture and movie format. Ticket renewal recommended regularly as  company policy Up to 4 hours in length.


Group rates and bulk course discounts are available upon request


Transportation of Dangerous Goods – The TDG regulations were passed to protect the Public and the environment from dangerous occurrences. Our program is designed for road mode application and discusses the activities of the consignor, consignee and carrier. Course includes training, packaging, classification of Dangerous goods, safety marking and placarding, documentation, Emergency Response Assistance Plan (ERAP) and Accident Reporting. Open book exam, movie and lecture format. Bring in your description of your dangerous goods and Documentation for a more site specific program! Permanent ticket awarded following successful Completion. Up to 3 year certification (tied to length of time you work for the employer or if are self employed) Up to 4 hours in length.


Group rates and bulk course discounts are available upon request