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Electrical Safety Training Suite Online

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The use of electricity in today’s industry presents many hazards. It is our responsibility to be aware of the hazards associated with energized electrical circuits and circuit parts when performing operations and maintenance tasks.

A&E Training and Technical Solutions now offers an Electrical Safety Training Suite of courses available through our Computer Based Training E-Learning store.

This suite of courses includes Arc Flash Hazard Awareness, Electrical Safety Training, and Electrical Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment.

  • The Arc Flash Hazard Awareness training course is an introduction to the basics of Arc Flash Hazard Awareness. In the course we discuss,
    • what is an arc flash,
    • what are the causes of an arc flash,
    • factors that contribute to the effects of an arc flash,
    • arc flash and the worker, and
    • personal protection methods.
  • Electrical Safety Training course is a complexed comprehensive course developed to ensure that the electrical worker is aware of the hazards associated with the use of electricity and how to avoid the hazards. In this course, we discuss;
    • energy flow and barriers,
    • inductions,
    • step and touch potential,
    • electricity and the human body,
    • electrical shock and arc flash hazards,
    • safety training for qualified electrical workers,
    • personal protective equipment,
    • safe work procedures, and
    • corded electrical equipment, extension cords, ground fault circuit interrupters, and circuit protection devices.
  • The Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment training course is a comprehensive set of instructions and methods used to ensure that the worker is aware of the hazards associated with the task to be performed, the risk associated with the task and the hazard and how to apply barriers to reduce the risk of injury effectively. In this course, we discuss;
    • hazard identification and risk assessment,
    • responsibilities and regulations,
    • hazards associated with the use of electricity,
    • initial risk estimation,
    • parameters used in risk assessment,
    • risk reduction strategies,
    • risk evaluation, and
    • risk reduction verification.

Purchase the suite of courses today to ensure that your workers have the training, knowledge and skills needed to develop a personal protection strategy when working in an environment influenced by the presence of electricity.

Electrical Safety Training Suite: 3.5 hours

Electrical Safety Training Course Student Learning Assessment: Each section uses interactive learning-based activities to engage the student and verify the knowledge learned. Printable resources are available in the form of a comprehensive student manual with review questions. The manual is a valuable resource for future use and knowledge retention.

Electrical Safety Training Suite Course Completion: Upon successful completion of these courses, users will receive a certificate of completion through the system.

Electrical Safety Training Suite: These courses will benefit all electrical workers: Electricians, Electrical Technicians and Technologists, Electrical Engineers, HVAC Technicians, etc. Plant Operations Personnel, Occupational Health and Safety Professionals, All personnel involved in performing electrical switching operations


  • Begin your training in minutes,
  • Start and stop training at your convenience,
  • There is no time limitation to complete the course and review content,
  • Work at your pace in your own time, as little or as much as you want,
  • 24/7, 365, access to online training,
  • Printable Certificate of Completion and
  • Comprehensive learning management environment.

These courses are also available for individual purchase;
Electrical Safety Training, $89.95
Arc Flash Hazard Awareness, $44.95
Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment, $44.95
Electrical Safety Suite, $149.85 ($30.00 savings)