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H2S Alive Blended Renewal Online Course

$79 Online and $79 Assessment
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Taking the H2S Alive Blended Renewal Online Course allows individuals to refresh their safety training efficiently. Completing this course online saves time and ensures that workers are up-to-date on essential information for working safely in environments with hydrogen sulfide gas.

Who should take this?

Students with an unexpired H2S Alive ticket can take the Blended renewal, which was launched in 2020 through Energy Safety Canada.

Benefits of H2S Alive Blended Renewal

You can do the online version at your convenience without having to sit through a full-day course. You can also book an appointment with an Assessor from Allstar Enviro Safety.

  • Phone: 4032141558
  • Email to be assessed on your physical skills component in person.

Successful completion

  • Pass blended online with a 70% or greater mark.
  • Ensure that you have current proof of certification.
  • Study physical skills requirements prior to assessment.
  • Book and pay an Assessment fee with an Assessor from Allstar Enviro Safety.
  • The Assessor will observe your skills in person.
  • Receive an Energy Safety Canada 3-year ticket in H2S.

Unsuccessful attempts

  • Take the full H2S Alive program from Allstar Enviro Safety, an Authorized Provider, for this seminar.

To register for Blended Online Portion, Go to this link.

Pay $79 to Energy Safety Canada for 3 hours approximately online. Students must complete all elements of the blended learning in full. Students who miss any course content cannot be certified, and registration fees will not be reimbursed. Basic English literacy is required—a computer with good internet connectivity.

To register for Assessment

Contact Allstar Enviro Safety before starting a blended online course.

  • Phone: 4032141558
  • Email:
  • The fee for the assessment is $79 plus tax to Allstar Enviro Safety.

Prerequisites for online and in-person programs

  • Government-issued picture ID.
  • Current (unexpired) H2S Alive ticket
  • Appropriate facility to do the Assessment (office or warehouse with space for skills)

Physical skills

  • SCBA inspection/donning/doffing
  • Individual disinfected masks for each student
  • Rescue drags using Crash Test Dummy
  • Wear sturdy footwear and clothing appropriate for donning SCBA and conducting rescues.
H2S Alive Blended Renewal Online Course


  • Each person gets their respirator, which is disinfected.
  • Social distancing in place during Emergency measures

With your certification in hand, you feel like a safety superhero, ready to tackle any dangerous situation that comes your way. The H2S Alive Blended Renewal Online Course has transformed you into a safety champion, armed with the expertise to keep yourself and others safe in any environment.

Quick Questions about H2S Alive Blended Renewal

Here are quick answers to your questions about the H2S Alive Blended Renewal Online Course:

What is H2S blended renewal?

H2S blended renewal refers to a combined approach of online and in-person training for renewing certifications in H2S safety. This might involve taking theoretical components online, followed by practical assessments conducted face-to-face.

Can you renew H2S online?

Depending on the provider and the specific requirements of the certification, partial renewal of H2S training may be possible online. This typically includes the theoretical parts of the training. However, practical assessments usually need to be completed in person.

How long is H2S Alive valid for?

H2S Alive is a commonly required certification for workers in industries where hydrogen sulfide is a risk. This certification is typically valid for three years, after which a renewal or refresher course is required.

Does H2S training expire?

Yes, H2S training does expire. The standard validity period is three years, after which individuals must renew their certification to remain compliant with safety regulations and workplace policies.

Please inform us if you are not well enough to rebook.