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Hydraulic Safety – High Risk Maintenance Level Online Training

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Hydraulic Safety –  High Risk Maintenance Level Online Training


safety mom online courseMaintenance and repair of hydraulic systems are high risk jobs that require  proper training amongst workers. Awareness of  the hazards and controls involved in hydraulics are keys to avoiding serious accidents. This form of energy is commonplace in an industrial setting but has caused injury, death and property damage and destruction to the environment.



Personnel, supervisors and safety professionals  who are exposed to hydraulic fluids and environmental health hazards should take this program to learn about the risks and to manage them accordingly.



  • Hydraulic fluids and exposure
  • Potential hazards
  • PPE – personal Protective Equipment
  • Safety standards and qualifications
  • Facility role with hydraulics
  • Hydraulic hose applications
  • Assembly fabrications of the hydraulic hose
  • Standards and specifications
  • Life cycle
  • The work and applications of accumulators
  • Forms of hazardous energy
  • Thread connections in hydraulic systems
  • Pressure ratings
  • Types of applications and seals
  • Maintenance and planning
  • Importance of seals guarding
  • Consideration of systems
  • Devices
  • Pressurized grease
  • Gravity
  • Runaway hazards and overhanging risks
  • Effects of modifications to hydraulic components
  • Purpose of a hazard assessment
  • General responsibilities
  • What to do before work begins
  • Inspections
  • Lockouts
  • Zero energy state
  • Hydraulic fluids and the environment
  • Preparedness for spills
    • Biodegradable hydraulic fluids
    • Absorbents
    • Ethical choices
    • Fatalities and incidents
    • Hazards of welding hydraulic components and interconnections



    COST:                                                 $279.95

    TIME:                                                 8 hours approximately



  • The Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals has awarded this program as a High Risk Maintenance Level 1 CMP.  The CMP approval number for 2012 is #12049.  Testing is conducted throughout the program to reinforce learning.  Successful completion is achieved on this online program with  an 80% pass mark. Certificates and wallet cards are valid for 3 years.  2 attempts at the course material are allowed in order to pass this program online.  A certificate of completion, hard hat sticker and wallet cards are mailed within 21 days, approximately, from HSAC.  Supplemental materials that are required for the course can be accessed online.


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