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Safety Moments Online Video Shorts

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safety mom online courseA series of short safety videos that are dynamic and thought provoking. They are terrific movies to kick off a safety meeting and are applicable on-or-off the job.


Personnel who are running safety meetings and need an ice breaker to entertain and challenge the participants will find these shorts to be an original  idea.  All videos come  with questions at the end. This format helps to stimulate thinking around the concept of safety. They work well in corporate and workplace meetings.


  • Driver Distraction     3:22 minutes
  • It was an Accident..Just one of those things  3:44 minutes
  • Protect your head…You may need it 4:15 minutes
  • Don’t slip when getting in or out of a vehicle 3:20 minutes
  • Statistics are people  2:55 minutes
  • Always Think of the Repercussions of your actions 1:30 minutes
  • Road never know who or where the Nut cases are 2:50 minutes
  • Lift with Care to Protect your Back  3:27 minutes
  • You don’t have to fall from a great height to be hurt  2:40 minutes
  • Horoscopes and Safety 1:50 minutes
  • Driving and Sleeping Don’t Mix 3:35 minutes
  • It’s the Simple things that can hurt us 2:00 minutes
  • Animals on the road  4:03 minutes
  • Arrogance and Safety Don’t Mix 3:28 minutes
  • Tragedies make us safer 3;15 minutes
  • Use caution in tight spots 1:53 minutes
  • Pay attention to warning signs 1:52 minutes
  • A man killed two young girls 2:35 minutes

COST:                                                 $79.95 for the collection of shorts


The videos are several minutes each. Each video can only be accessed once with this licence.


These videos are not seminars and have no certification for viewing them.