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H2S Alive Edition 7 Enform

Allstar Enviro Safety has been facilitating the H2S Alive Program for over 2 decades in Alberta.


The development of this program was developed by petroleum industry Training Service or PITS as a means of education oil and gas personnel to the dangers of hydrogen sulphide gas. The toxic, flammable, explosive and corrosive gas was responsible for many injuries, knockdowns and deaths.


During the early years of petroleum exploration in Western Canada, many deaths were considered hear attacks. Equipment was breaking down from the corrosive effects of H2S and the Public was regularly exposed to this environmental pollutant that was released from kicks and blow outs.


Pressure from public concern and several blowouts in the Lodgepole area of Alberta helped stakeholders to collect essential and often, unknown information about the health hazards to both the public, environment, materials, equipment and workers alike.


In 1988, PITS released the first edition of the H2S Alive training program. In 2013, the latest edition was released which approaches this subject with a more proactive perspective. This is in comparison to the reactive training of the past, where H2S would be released and the 7 step initial response was the emphasis. To be proactive, the use of a Hazard Assessment, Risk assessment and Control was added.


New workers who are not aware of conducting a field Level hazard assessment or how to reduce hazards by developing a hierarchy of controls are better educated in the process after completion of the program. More emphasis on electronic monitoring and the removal of CPR from the program are several updates to Edition 7.


It is still a 6 – 8 hour program. Upon successful completion of the theory and physical skills and writing a closed book exam, a 3 month temporary ticket is awarded. The mailing of permanent 3 year tickets has been expedited with a faster mailout system directly to the student or their employer after certification.


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