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Transportation & Construction Industries

In Alberta, the Construction and Transportation industries have moved to regulate employers and employed in hazardous work in the province.  Vehicle accidents, fatalities related to falls, trips and slips, dangerous good occurrences, contact with the source and destruction of underground facilities are some examples of categories with frequent and often fatal accidents.


As a result, the following programs are recommended or regulated at these job sites:


 TDG Whenever offering for transport, carrying or receiving 9 classes of dangerous goods, your personnel must be certified, fill out proper documentation, put on proper safety marks, and report accidents or dangerous occurrence in a specific manner. Explosives, Compressed Gases, Flammable Liquids, Solids, Oxidizing agents, Toxins, Corrosives and Radioactives are examples of products handled, marked, received or packaged by staff. Up to 3 year certification, should you work for the same employer. Road mode training is normally offered.
 Ground Disturbance Level I/II Ground Disturbance LevelI and IIThese programs reflect the need for training and preplanning prior to disturbing the ground.
Prevention of damage to buried facilities will reflect positively on public , environmental  and worker safety. The integrity of the underground infrastructure that provides services to society and the protection of ground and water quality from resultant pollution are key motivations to plan before you dig.The course includes damage prevention and a causation model for line –hits and consequences of an impact.
An explanation of where underground facilities are and how regulations apply to the involved parties is discussed. Six steps of ground disturbance, including pre-job planning, searching the area, notification of ground disturbance activities, locating and marking the job site, exposure and inspection are covered in detail.Ground Disturbance Level IAn awareness course for workers that wish to have a basic exposure to Ground Disturbance topics and common incidents in North America.  This theory program may be up to half a day.
$75.00 each + $3.75 tax = $78.75Ground Disturbance Level IIAn intensive theory program for Supervisory personnel and those performing actual Ground Disturbance activites regularly, such as line locating, utility, excavating and pipeline crews. The program is 6-8 hours and requires reasonable reading and literacy skills in English.
A  temporary ticket is issued , followed by a permanent ticket good for 3 years upon successful completion of this program,  certified by the Global Training Centre.$142.00 each + Books/Regulation package $8.00 each = $150.00 + $7.50 tax = $157.50.
(Booklets are required components of the course)


PLEASE NOTE: Ground Disturbance Level II requires candidates that can sit through a lecture format for a full day.  They must have enough English literacy skills to pass a 2 page exam.  Oral exams are not allowed.The agency designing this program expects that Supervisory personnel should be able to legibly read and communicate work permits and detailed plot plans and asbuilts to their crews. Should you be unable to pass the Ground Disturbance Level II program but participate, a Ground Disturbance Level I certificate will be rewarded to you.
 WHMIS Each province as well as the Federal Government have a requirement for all employees to receive training regularly and be competent around Controlled products. The Workplace Hazardous Material Information System involves training, identification, classification, labelling and MSDS design for 6 different classes of chemical hazards at the workplace. Regular or annual certification, as per company policy, advised.
 Confined Space Entry The Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations has a Code for this area.  Anyone entering a closed or partially enclosed space of limited access or egress that may have toxic, flammable, explosive environments or a lack of oxygen may require training, engineering and administrative controls, monitoring of the hazards and personal protective gear. Allstar Enviro Safety offers a pre entry program that practices donning of SCBA/SABA, harnesses, gas monitoring, and examples of rescues. In addition, work permits, lock outs, case studies, movies or multi media make this 4-8 hour program a very interactive seminar. 3 year certification.
 First Aid/CPR/AED All First Aid programs include CPR and Automatic External Defibrillator training. Emergency First Aid is a 1 day course, certified through the Canadian Red Cross and trained via Allstar Enviro Safety.It includes EMS, Medical Legal information, Protection from Blood Borne Pathogens, Primary and Secondary Assessments, Check, Call, Care and Wound Management. The two day program, Standard First Aid is more advanced and covers moving and transport, slings, splints, poisons and medical conditions. Open book exam with 3 year certification. It is recommended that CPR be redone annually to keep upthis skill with the AED.
 H2S Alive – For Construction and Transport personnel entering oilfield locations or pulp and paper mills, some pig/chicken farms, landfills, wastewater treatment plants and anywhere that Hydrogen Sulphide gas could accumulate. A 6-8 hour program, certified through ENFORM and delivered by Allstar Enviro Safety. Closed book exam with 3 year certification.
 Fall Protection Basics Many Construction staff climb over 3 Metres to perform their jobs. Transport personnel may climb onto their vehicle which exceeds the height requirements that are regulated in Alberta. In these cases, they must be trained and competent in Fall protection basics. Allstar EnviroSafety covers fall restriction, guardrails and handrails, shock absorbers, lanyards, caribeanners, snap hooks, body harnesses, rope grabs ,lifelines tripodsand rescue plans. Movies and exercises are shown. The candidate will try on or inspect numerous types of fall equipment and learn to analyze defective products.The pre use inspection of the equipment is emphasized. Exam and 3 year ticket of certification delivered.
 Bear Awareness Often construction or tranport personnel encroach on bear habitats, as part of their job an encounter with bears may result un appropriate behaviours & fatel results. This Alberta Safety Council oriented program explains the difference in the species and reasons why they may attack, bluff charge, flee or become habituated to the sites that workers camp in.  As more territory is invaded by Humans, an increase in sightings and encounters may have disasterous results to both human and bear species!


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